Oilseed products Head Office and warehouse is in Horlsey park NSW. Most oils are imported from overseas. Oilseed products is the only manufacturer in Australia of Pale Boiled Linseed. We do supply Australian Canola Oil.
While Australia grows Soy and Linseeds it is not processed into a veg oil in Australia. Australia only refine Canola Oil. NB: It is not cost effective to stop processing a oil, clean the factory and start processing a different oil. Australian Soy, Linseed and Sunflower is only used as the seed in products such as bread etc.
While we don’t have a distributor network we can deliver anywhere in Australia to a network of Transport company warehouses across Australia and can usually deliver anywhere within a few days.
Yes we supply the market with ex-stock availability from Horsley Park NSW.
Whilst some of our oils are refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD) and good enough for food grade usage, we do not carry any of the approvals to supply to human consumption applications.
Oilseed Products is not ISO Quality registered; however, we can supply a CofA, & SDS with any delivery and we do track our stock via batch numbers.
Office hours are between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and we can be reached on (02) 9620 2011, otherwise submit an online form by CLICKING HERE
Yes we can supply a blended oil to your specific requirements.
Oilseed Products vegetable oils are used in a wide range of industrial and animal feed applications, including: timber coatings; horse and chicken feeds; sheep dip; mining flocculants; bee hive manufacture etc.